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Jul 22, 2011 4:00pm PDT
continue on the news at 4:00. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. >>> giants infeed yeg honored by the fbi for his work to help predetective bay area kids. the panda partnered with american football coaches' association, fbi and the national child id program to provide 50,000 fingerprinting kits to kids in san francisco. the kits include a fingerprint id card and dna swab meant to be completed and stored at the child's home. for more information visit abc 7 owe r.. >> dozens of kids finished off a real life firefighting today. they graduated from junior fire academy and demonstrated some of the skilts they've learned. take a look. it teaches kids what it's like to be a fire fighter, participants execute drills designed by firefighters including extinguishing real live fires, spraying a fire hose, and climbing a 100 foot ladder on a fire truck. >> this are several hours, what to do in case of an emergency. a
Jul 25, 2011 4:00pm PDT
of silence. >> and there is big sports news, 49ers seasons are saved. the lockout is officially over, player arrests -- player reps ratified the deal. the best news is that no regular season games were lost in this dispute. now, the league has a 10-year deal in place no, opting out by either side allowed. the highlights include a slightly better revenue split for owners but player was a boost in revenues there. is a rookie wage scale and no more two a day practices and training camp. everybody is thrilled to get this deal done. >> it's been a long time coming. and football is back. that is the great news for everybody. even up to the last minute this, required boblg both of us coming together to take a stock of what is important to get the job done. i know that that is going to be the relationship going forward. >> and i believe you're going to have a lesson to the people in washington. the debt crisis is a lot easier fix than this deal was. thank you. >> the patriots owner with a a shot at congress there. what happens now is a feeding frenzy. training camp opens this week. and all of the bu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2